• Leane Randle

Upcoming Design Trends for 2019

The New Year is here and with it new trends in interior design.

2019 will see fresh colors and lighter more whimsical styling as fabrics and treatments stopping taking themselves as seriously. Spruce up your home with these modern ideas.

Florals are Back – Fabrics, wallpapers and rugs are all sporting both bright and subtle floral themes.

Rich Jewel Tones – Deep emerald, ruby, sapphire and plums are offering a rich, luxurious feel to rooms. Try in a bedroom for a lush environment.

Patterned Backplashes – Gone are the stark white subway tiles and backsplashes are showing off big graphic patterns instead.

Sustainable Materials – Handmade, natural fabric accents are represented in light fixtures, rugs and furniture.

Acrylic Furniture – Clear, formed furniture with clean lines and simple shapes use less visible space and make rooms look bigger and more modern.

Mixed Metal Accents – Mixing metals, colors, shapes and finishes create a depth in rooms this year.

Black Bathrooms – Spa inspired bathrooms are showing off bold black sinks, features and walls creating a relaxing environment.

Comfortable Styling – Rooms are back to being functional and comfortable. Fluffy carpets and soft chairs and sofas which invite one to sink in and relax are part of the new trends in 2019.

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