• Leane Randle

Top 10 Homebuyer Wish List in 2019

Home design trends have really changed over the past decade. As the New Year’s selling season gets under way, home buyers are putting their wish lists together. This year we expect to see a continuation of many of the design trends of the past few years but also some refreshing new concepts.

Top 10 Wish List for 2019

1. Open Floorplans – Spacious rooms which lead seamlessly through the living spaces.

2. Smaller Homes – The Tiny House trend has created a desire for compact homes which offer usable space without the heavy investment.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle – Home buyers are looking for ways to use their yards as additional living space

4. Natural Materials – Natural woods, stone, raffia and other natural elements are making their way into the modern home.

5. Modern Kitchens – Gone are black granite countertops and replacing them are cool whites, clean lines and smart appliances.

6. Green Design – Energy saving homes, windows and appliances are very popular for 2019.

7. Smart Homes – Smart appliances, plugs, entries, security and much more are becoming a must-have.

8. Storage – Walk-in closets, garage storage and kitchen cabinets are still important elements.

9. Spa Bathrooms – Home buyers want bathrooms which offer relaxation with graceful design and warm lighting.

10. Multi-Use Rooms – From media rooms to home gyms, multi-use rooms are a popular feature for home buyers in 2019.

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